Flat welding flange

Plate-type flat welding flange (chemical standard HG20592, national standard GB/T9119, mechanical JB/T81) : convenient to draw, simple to manufacture, low cost, and widely used; However, the rigidity

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butt welding flange

Butt welding flange is a kind of pipe fitting. It refers to the flange with neck, which has a round pipe and is connected with the pipe by butt welding. Butt welding flanges are not deformed, well sea

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Thread flange forging flange

The screw flange is a non-welding flange, which is made of the inner hole of the flange into pipe threads and connected with the pipe with screw thread. Compared with the flat welded or butt welded fl

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Forging flange

Forging flange is the best mechanical performance of flange products, its raw materials are generally pipe billet, and then after cutting repeatedly beat, to eliminate the segregation of ingots, loose

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Neck alloy flange

With neck flange is a special term, divided into with neck flat welding flange and with neck butt welding flange. International standard for pipe flange can be summarized as two different and non-inte

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Alloy flange

Alloy flanges are also a type of flange material. Different from ordinary 20#, Q235 and other carbon steel flange, mainly used for special characteristics of pipelines and pipelines, mostly used for h

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Large caliber flange

Large diameter flange is a kind of flange, which is widely used and popularized in the mechanical industry, chemical industry, wind power industry and sewage treatment industry, and is well received a

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Flange pipe fittings

Flange fitting is a kind of welding fitting. Such fitting is used to match the pipe. Some are processed and some are not. Some castings are made by casting the flange together. And the welding is post

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Pipe fittings stainless steel flange

Flange is also called Flange or Flange. A flange is a part that connects a pipe to a pipe, connected to a pipe end. There are holes in the flanges and bolts make the two flanges tighten. Gasket seals

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Jiangyin Huaxi Flange Co., Ltd., a subordinate enterprise of Jiangsu Huaxi Group Co., Ltd., is the enterprise of flanges and pipe fittings in China.Founded in 1984, the factory specializes in the production of outlet flanges. In 1990, the factory established Jiangyin Huaxi Flange Co., Ltd.. with Singapore Towa Hardware Private Co., Ltd. In 2005, the company implemented the technology reform extension project, purchased 3,600t oil hydraulic presses, 5m ring mills, 8t and 5t electro-hydraulic hammers, 2-5m vertical lathes...

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