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The west China flange pipe fittings factory worker enthusiastically donating earthquake relief

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The west China flange pipe fittings factory worker enthusiastically donating earthquake relief

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Jiangyin city, west China flange pipe fittings factory worker enthusiastic contributions to support of the earthquake-stricken area in sichuan earthquake relief. From May 20 afternoon to May 21, a short one and a half days of time, it received 918 employees of a total of $161981 donation, remittance to us $10000, and through the jiangsu, west China group company transferred to the disaster area.
The sichuan earthquake reports of a major disaster affects jiangyin city, west China flange pipe fittings factory up and down the good heart. Huaxi village, vice secretary of party, group vice chairman and deputy general manager, flange pipe fittings factory director ZhangJianGuo and team leadership communication, other on May 20, the day shift and often on duty at the afternoon meeting in collective, worker for sichuan earthquake victims compatriots after three minutes of silence, a director to all employees sent to "the party is difficult, p plus support" initiative, and lead the donated 60000 yuan RMB, CunDangWei member, deputy director WuJianQing then also donated 10000 yuan, team members LiGuoXing, other leaders ZhaoXiang new, QuJinHu each donating 2000 yuan, broad worker you 500 dollars, 300 dollars and you will all donations to the disaster zone, express your a love. Many already through the China Red Cross disaster area donation to the comrade, also the initiative again in donations, like the finance department of the ZhaoTing, and quality control for the first time QuLiFeng has been respectively donated 1000 yuan and 300 yuan, this time again they donated 500 yuan and 1000 yuan. Are the factory for business in South Korea, the company that GLOBALFLANGE guest west China flange factory for sichuan compatriots donations after the news of the disaster, contact the company headquarters, donated $10000 to South Korea, the Chinese translation accompanied guests also donated 500 yuan. Not in the class worker know after donation, stepping into the ranks of donations. So far, the time for the disaster area donation activity is still in progress.
(source: regal newspaper articles)

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