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The west China flange pipe fittings factory to CWEE2009 fruitful harvest

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The west China flange pipe fittings factory to CWEE2009 fruitful harvest

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In the April 10 ending the third China Shanghai international wind power exhibition, jiangyin, west China flange pipe fittings factory prolific: a wind enterprise on the spot three sets of electric power wind and other 12 of the flange order tapping, supporting circle kind of enterprise can express the intention of cooperation.
"Carry out of the first day, we six men all too late, customer reception consulting carefully examined the our sample after, to the quality of our products are very recognition." Talk about the harvest, exhibition, west China flange pipe fittings factory vice director WuJianQing still immersed in joy.
A few days ago, the author in the ring forging the workshop, the workshop is to see a sizzling heat wave and burn them thoroughly, the blank inflames the piece, south of the entrance of a hydraulic press is squeaking zhi "pressure blank, a few minutes kung fu, a few tons of the square material base into round cakes ring. The hydraulic press of 4 m ring rolling machine is also rolling, keep looking, and, well, 3-5 m ring forgings base became 3, 4 a DuoZi.
In metalworking shop, see the author of technical personnel are on ultrasonic flaw detection, he said: "wind flange is very strict quality requirements of products, in order to ensure the quality of products, in recent years, the enterprise put in $3 million purchase of the spectrum analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector, laser level meter and universal test machine equipment, now, from raw materials to finished products related performance testing, we have master." 
According to information, the plant's ring forgings product since has put on the market in, quality has got the customer's full approval, has already and more than 20 supporting circle enterprises, wind power enterprises to establish long-term cooperation relations, the ring forgings output of 35000 tons. ZhangJianGuo factory director told the author: "through this wind exhibition, not only show the enterprise image, and meet the new customers, to broaden the sales channel, after the fair will have a batch of enterprise to visit our factory. This year, the ring forgings output growth of 10% in the last year's".

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