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The west China flange pipe fittings factory year-end summary conference was held

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The west China flange pipe fittings factory year-end summary conference was held

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The west China flange pipe fittings factory year-end summary congress was held, west China flange pipe fittings factory 2009 annual work summary and 2010 work arrangement the general assembly in Febru
The west China flange pipe fittings factory year-end summary congress was held, west China flange pipe fittings factory 2009 annual work summary and 2010 work arrangement the general assembly in February 8 was held in the great hall of the huaxi village, vice secretary of party, the huaxi village west China flange pipe fittings factory director, wuxi negotiable flange, general manager of ZhangJianGuo for annual work summary report, a comprehensive analysis report last year's work, must grades, points out the shortages, and puts forward some of this year's goal and work measures. At the same time, the meeting of 2009's advanced workers on the recognition; The representatives of the employees said the speech.
Huaxi village party member, deputy director WuJianQing presides over the congress, deputy director ZhaoXiang conference summary, deputy director new LiGuoXing, QuJinHu, the meeting in the chairman's set WangQiao table. The meeting noted that, according to the arrangement of the group company, from the beginning of this year, flange factory into agriculture, house property, it is a corporation efficiency, the company scale enterprise is not very big, but very good benefits. In this high quality enterprise, flange factory must strenuous enterprising, be the first benefits, not to tow property of head office hind legs. Agriculture This year the goal of the flange factory plan: annual capacity of 15000 tons of ring forgings, small flange 10000 tons, 1500 tons, annual fittings sales 6, 30 million yuan, the funds available for 35 million yuan. The meeting stressed that the up and down to focus on the five goals to do: one to insist on innovation concept not be moved. In face of the new situation, the new situation, the fluctuation must think, to think of ways to innovation management means, improve management methods. Of the quality problem, often should reflect on the deficiencies of innovation ideas, innovation technology, can't drag, can't hide from, more can't cope with; For product yield and production cost of each workshop to innovation, production process, improve the production method, improve yield, reduce production cost; In face of the new materials, new technology, innovation, and homework assignments procedures, seriously study, careful measures for constantly sum up, in technology, efforts to achieve a breakthrough. Secondly, to insist on strengthening the management not to relax. A New Year, managers at all levels to overcome any thought, vigorously promotes the implement of the system.
The factory department to increase the examination to the worker dynamics, it, not by the system "do" things, according to "do" people; system To management for, no effect, have consequences, is the enterprise is based on the objective reality needs, based on the development needs, to things not people, you will end up in the plant construction work within the scope, went up, and went up, down, work pay wages down atmosphere. Third, we will adhere to the quality first unequivocal. Quality is the life of enterprise. Now, the market is shrinking, customer requirements for product quality is more strict, as our corporations, the key to overcome the sense of responsibility, work careless, not careful phenomenon. A New Year, each workshop, including quality inspection section would be to tighten quality this string, quality can't go back, to the problems at will, to form the survey report, implement improvement measures. The fourth is to insist on seizes the market not idle.
Now, more and more fierce market competition, the product sales process, is also spell will, spell energy, spell the process of thinking. Each sales personnel only do marketing innovative ideas, to broaden the marketing idea, flexible marketing means, seize all opportunities, using every resource, the market, and take the customer, rob, can be effective. Order Five to adhere to the unity cooperation not do STH over and over again. The up and down to enterprise development as heavy, heart thinks toward one place, interest makes toward one place. Management personnel to do about unity, speak sense of right and devotion, daily work to enhance model the concept and the collective consciousness, they will not excuse, not dispute over trifles, put down the identity, leave the active communication, research together, and negotiation. Every worker should adjust position, have a good attitude, economist long, fill your short, admitting imperfection, and correct the mistakes, accomplish truly many mistakes, no mistakes. Conference calls on all staff, the firm a faith, set up a ambition, remember a responsibility, not only for the reason for failure to find, to think of a way to success, with forward, recognizes the challenge HuJin uplifting, down-to-earth, innovation, the creation of energy, strive for the realization of the west China ", three years of the outcome of the "target and flange factory annual task just kept growing, make more and newer contribution.

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