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The west China flange pipe fittings factory year-end summary conference was held
The west China flange pipe fittings factory year-end summary congress was held, west China flange pipe fittings factory 2009 annual work summary and 2010 work arrangement the general assembly in Febru
Huaxi village of its 60 hold "huaxi village anniversary of west China the second international tourism festival"
China JingJiWang wuxi October 8 dispatch (reporter LiJiaLin) 6 October 2009 from Britain, the United States, France, etc DuoGe 20 countries in the last 40 93 journalists and media agencies
Even three yuan in old secretary of the party committee WuRenBao huaxi village in the home with honor
Early autumn of west China, fruits, the harvest in sight. At this time, people in the west China led the land created China's rural development of old secretary WuRenBao miracle, is also with harvest
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