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The west China flange pipe fittings factory was named as the kind of export enterprises
Report from our correspondent: jiangyin city, west China flange pipe fittings factory recently received the state quality inspection administration relevant bulletin, according to classification
The west China flange pipe fittings factory worker to disaster areas to warm
Wenchuan earthquake, jiangyin, west China flange pipe fittings factory in time from the affected area out more than 100 migrant workers work and family. June 10,, they put the factory in the morning t
Solemnly declare
Release time:
2018-02-07 11:20
Given the recent recruitment website have found in the relevant dare group company issued in the name of the recruitment information, therefore, my group company now solemnly declare: 1, I group compa
The west China flange pipe fittings factory to CWEE2009 fruitful harvest
The west China to create Asia's biggest flange flange production base
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